Rabbit, Run by John Updike

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Rabbit, Run by John Updike is a novel about a young man named Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom who leaves his pregnant wife and young child and begins a journey to find happiness and freedom. He gets involved with a prostitute and stays with her until his wife has their baby girl. While he is away from his wife he is counseled by Reverend Eccles who tries to help Rabbit’s situation, although it does not do much good. After the new baby is born Rabbit leaves his wife again to go back with Ruth, the woman he was with before. While he is away the second time, his wife drinks too much and accidentally drowns their newborn. In the end, Rabbit runs away from both his family and Ruth. In his article “Rabbit Angstrom as a Religious Sufferer” Lewis Lawson explores Rabbit’s journey and how it is relatable to religion and spirituality. He goes through the novel and finds examples that prove his point. These examples illustrate Rabbit’s connection and struggle with religion and to his own identity. His main goal is to highlight Rabbit’s struggle with being religious in a world which is not a religious one but believes that it is.
Lawson begins his argument by speaking on Rabbit’s relationship with his past successes, especially with basketball. He explains that Rabbit has an ontological connection with basketball. His abilities in the game represent, for him, a reassurance of being. Lawson gives the example in the beginning of the novel where Rabbit joins the basketball game. This
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