Rabbit and Wolves Lab Essay

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“Rabbits and wolves” Introduction The computer simulation named “Rabbits and wolves” is about models and simple systems. In the simulation, there are three main organisms, rabbits, wolves and grass all put together in a forest ecosystem. An ecosystem is a set of organism within a defined area or volume that interact with one another and with their environment (Miller & Spoolman). A system is a collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose (Rouse, 2005). The purpose of this simulation is to see how these three organisms will interact with one another in the same environment. We will see how the populations of these organisms change by modifying parameters specific to each organism and how changing…show more content…
Graph 2 Evolution of the rabbit population without wolves’ presence Wolves have been removed from the start up parameters. The simulation runs for 200 iterations. Graph 3 Evolution of the rabbit population without wolves’ presence with a decrease of its means of sustenance Wolves are removed from the start up parameters and the initial grass value has been cut in half. The simulation runs for 207 iterations. Graph 4 Evolution of the wolf and rabbit population in a smaller environment than the default parameters The default parameters are running but the size of the forest changed from medium to small. The simulation runs for 221 iterations. Discussion My first objective was to view and interact with simple computer model. I was able to represent in terms of parameters the variables, watch on the simulation and examine the results. My second objective was to determine how simple changes in populations of one organism would affect the populations of organisms in the same system. I’ve changed parameters of each one of the variables and I deducted that making

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