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Rabbits by Dorothy Nimmo 1. Summary: The story is about two sisters, who had been giving a nice china rabbit each by their uncle. They’re having a tea party in the garden and it is all very idyllic. But the oldest girl is very manipulating, and manipulates her little sister, to give her the rabbit her little sister had been giving. Then the older sister decides that she wants her own rabbit back, and she gets it her way. 2. Characterize the two sisters: Kate: Kate is described, from a small girl’s point of view, as a brave, intellectual, talkative, naughty and pretty girl. I will say, that Kate is about eight or nine years old. She is very aware of herself and very manipulative against her little sister Ellen. She is probably a…show more content…
Ellen looks so much up to her that she believes everything Kate says. If Kate says that her rabbit is the best and most beautiful, Ellen believes her. All children want to have the coolest car, or the sweetest doll. And because she looks so much up to Kate, she can make her do anything. 4. Essay: Siblings have a love/hate relationship. They’re very competitive, and often envy each other. But in the end, they can’t live without each other. Often a little brother or sister will look up to the older sister/brother, and that will often lead to some kind of imitation. I can give an example from my own childhood. I have a big sister that is eight years older than me. I have always looked up to her. For as long as I can remember, she has been biting her nails. When I was about twelve, I started to bite my nails. Only because she did it, and I really wanted to be like her. I would always do what she told me to, because I thought that since she was the oldest one, she must be right. I also have an identical twin sister. I have never looked up to her in the same way. My twin sister and I, was much more competitive. I think that the difference in age has a great influence on the relationship between
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