Rabies Is A Viral Disease

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ACOM117: Introduction to Science for Health Professionals
Assignment Task 3: Final Report

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16 September 2016
Rabies is a viral disease that grossed high toll of casualties every year. People that are closely associated with animals contributes most of the casualties, with children making almost half of the total. This report aims to entail rabies virus’ modes of transmission, its clinical features, possible treatments and preventions, and primary victims. It is important for societies to be aware of the disease’ features and symptoms in order to assess proper care and control the spread of rabies effectively.

Table of Content
1. Cover page i
2. Abstract ii
3. Table of content iii
4. Introduction 1
5. Findings
2.1 Transmission 1
2.2 Clinical presentation 1
2.3 Treatment and prevention 2
2.4 Primary target 3
3 Discussion 4
4 Conclusion 5
5 Recommendations 5
6 Reference list 7

1. Introduction
Rabies is a virus that infects mammals, including humans, through saliva, open wounds, or mucous membranes and attacks the nervous system. It is highly lethal with up to 55.000 reported deaths worldwide every year. This report aims to provide readers, especially parents and…
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