Race And Attraction : The Sun Also Rises

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Race and Attraction: The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway, author of The Sun Also Rises, a novel that has had a strong impact on the 20th century’s idea of the “lost generation,” particularly the racism displayed towards the character of Robert Cohn. This novel tells of three main characters, Robert Cohn, Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley all living in the continent of Europe traveling about in search of their life’s purpose after the first world war. Hemingway intended for this story to be about the love between the many men in attraction to Lady Brett whose mere presence affects the actions of them all. An important factor to consider is the ethnicity of Robert while reading the story because of the many instances where it is brought up…show more content…
Later in the novel, Frances attacks Robert with questioning and anger because he keeps resisting to finally seal the knot and marry her leading the two to go their separate ways. It can be seen that Jake despises Cohn once more for being able to have a relationship with a woman and not take his chance to marry while he can. He also has his forsaken love for Brett shown off in front of his face due to the many interactions with her and Count Mippipopolous, a man who takes her out many times. That night, thinks to himself about all his attempts to get Brett to love him back and how he is very upset with being alone all the time. “It is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime, but at night it is another thing.” (P. 42). A monologue of how Jake still desires to be in a relationship with Brett is given as he weeps in his bed about how it is easier to hide your emotions and regrets in the day, but at night it is difficult to hide them from yourself. This is a driving force in the story which will causes more frustration within Jake’s character. After not seeing Brett and Cohn for a while, Jake receives a visit from a friend named Bill Gorton from the states who is also veteran and they decide to do a few activities to make for the time before the festival at Pamplona. Frances has left Cohn and he travels out into the country to find another purpose for
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