Race And Audrey Smedley : A Race Of Mistakes

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A Race of Mistakes Humans are unique in the natural world as we are the only species to self divide our populations into groups based upon physical characteristics, the main one being skin color. As the most advanced spcecies on Earth we have come to have the most convoluted approach to how we perceive people. Our society has become obsessed with classifying our population into groups based upon skin tone or ethnic background. This approach has permeated our lives to such an extent that even the simple act of filling out paperwork asks one to classify themselves as a particular race. In this world of advanced technology and education one must question how we have become controlled by such an abstract thought? How have we allowed our citizens to become reduced to a mere color? The concept of race and racism is considered a modern invention. According to Audrey Smedley in her article; “I argue that race was institutionalized beginning in the 18th century as a worldview, a set of culturally created attitudes and beliefs about human group differences.” There is evidence of dislike for peoples of different backgrounds before this time, but those differences were usually sparked by differences in religion. In ancient times populations worshiped more specific gods, and were fearful of other gods and the effects they could have on them. If one goes back further in time the record can not show racism but one must consider it as a possibility as prehistoric populations came
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