Race And Crime : Criminal Justice System

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Race and crime are interwoven with how justice and criminology are handled. Police have a racial bias against blacks and incarcerate them in larger numbers than any other race. Statistically, blacks have a higher arrest and incarceration rate than other races do. Due to police being taught that racial profiling is a necessary part of the job, blacks have now become a prime target for many false arrests and often serve jail time for a crime they may not have committed. The black community often expresses their distaste with the criminal justice system, and how their community is handled, but encounter opposition from a group of people who believe nothing is wrong. With justice and bias, there are many improvements that need to be made regarding how criminals are arrested and charged, especially when race is a factor. Statistically speaking, blacks are arrested more frequently than any other race. According to the department of justice statistics, 43% of all imprisoned males are black (Carson, 2014, p.8). In contrast, whites only make up 32% of the prison system, with other races making up the remaining 35% of incarcerated males (Carson, 2014, p.8). This situation is an issue because whites make up 63.1% of the Americas population, whereas blacks make up a mere 16.2%, according to the bureau of statistics. There is also a much larger majority of falsely imprisoned black Americans than there are any other race. The law enforcement community is also often racially bias which is
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