Race And Crime

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Lady Justice is not Color Blind Through Race and Crime, Shaun Gabbidon and Helen Greene enlighten scholars about the unique and interesting relationship between race and various aspects of crime. Shaun Gabbidon obtained a Ph.D. in Criminology at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has also acted as a fellow at Harvard University. He has not only received an exceptional education from his prolonged work and experience but he has also written an extensive amount of scholarly publications, including roughly sixty articles as well as eleven books. Moreover, he has also earned several awards for his contributions, including the Julius Debro Award in 2015 and the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2016. Helen Greene received a Ph.D. in Criminology…show more content…
They decide to do this in order to provide the reader with a clear understanding of what they will be focusing on throughout this book. These two experienced scholars divide this book into nine chapters with subheadings in each. Beginning with an overview and summary of what they will be talking about throughout the book and ending with a provocative conclusion that forces the reader to think about the information given, the authors do an exceptional job at securing the reader’s focus and attention. The two scholars commence the first chapter with a history of prejudices in America and state that “concerns regarding race/ethnicity are not new” which further demands that the reader think and contemplate on how many acts of prejudices has occurred in the United States as well as relate it to the present (Gabbidon, Shaun, and Helen Green 315). Gabbidon and Greene continue to discuss various trends in different aspects of crimes. They examine elements such as hate crime trends including what group of people commits the most hate crimes as well as the most prevalent victims. Throughout these chapters, the two scholars provide the reader with numerous tables and graphs as well as plentiful in text citations, further developing trust between them and the reader. Moreover, it conveys that they have done a sufficient amount of research in order to…show more content…
Racial profiling and police accountability, in particular, are two extremely important aspects that they focus on because it is quite prevalent in present society. Because Gabbidon and Greene chose to include sections based on this, it depicts that they have a working knowledge of the world today. Gabbidon and Greene also concentrate on the court system and how sentencing rates vary depending on a person’s race. They explain that bail is frequently set at higher rates for minorities than for others and they provide evidence to support this fact with data tables and in text citations; moreover, they also assert that minorities frequently spend a much longer time in jail awaiting a trial. Based on this data, the two authors write, “little has changed over the past two centuries” to catch the reader’s attention and further force the reader to ponder. However, even though there are still numerous problems in this world regarding race, this comment is an exaggeration and a gap in logic because there has been major change in the world compared to the past. The two authors regularly overemphasize ideas in order to surprise the reader and maintain his or her attention. Gabbidon and Greene then continue to focus on the trend in sentencing that minorities get compared to
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