Race And Ethnic Relations In Society. Society Has Established

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Race and Ethnic Relations in Society Society has established itself as a place in which hierarchies are established in order to work as a whole. The different levels of this hierarchies can be influenced based on things such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion. One of the main controversial issues in society is how race and ethnicity can be used as labels for some individuals. Race is based on physical characteristics such as skin color, facial features, or stature (Healey & Stepnick, 2016). In the other hand, ethnicity is based on cultural traits such as religion, language, dress styles, or speech patterns (Healey & Stepnick, 2016). Furthermore, differences in beliefs about which race and ethnicity should be the…show more content…
Eventually, the creations of this laws can lead to a conflict between different races. Analyzing the United States history various past and current struggles between the White American dominant group and racial and ethnic minorities can be brought to light. A good example of this could be the creation of Jim Craw laws. For instance, Southern cities created laws that forced African Americans to ride on the back of the bus. If they were to denied riding on the back then they would get arrested (Healey & Stepnick, 2016). These laws were created with the purpose of keeping the belief of white supremacy in the United States which also allowed for the marginalization of African Americans minorities. Certainly, conflict can also arise when the minority group is perceived as a threat by the dominant group. A good example of this could be the Jewish holocaust. German Nazis started to believe that they were racially superior to the Jewish. In addition, because they considered themselves as the superior race they believed that they were entitled to have control over the country’s resources. Furthermore, as mentioned by Hagan, Shedd, and Payne (2005), this theory can also explain crime by saying that the mistreatment, lack of power and subordination of races can play a role in crime rates. It is known that minorities have the highest incarceration rates. As mentioned by Franklin

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