Race And Ethnic Relations

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Race and ethnic relations matter a lot in the 21st century because of the strategic role in explaining social existence in the contemporary world. Ethnicity has specific reference to the state of an individual belonging to a certain social group that has a common cultural or national tradition. On the other hand, race is a societal classification of people into groups by virtue of their genetics, ancestry, physical traits as well as social traits. Race and ethnicity define a lot about the identity of a person as well as a sense of belonging to a specific society. For a very long time, the issue of race has been a contentious one, with the world population propagating change to end racial discrimination and negative ethnicity, factors which…show more content…
As blacks, we have been branded all sort of descriptions virtue of our racial ascription. However, the contrast is that the branding of the black race by other races does not match the social expectations of my cultural and ethnic affiliation. Blacks are branded as thieves, drug users, thugs and worse is murderers. This is contrary to what the black cultural affiliation advocates. Not all African Americans engage in theft, not all of them do drugs, get a whole bunch of babies or end up in jail. Anyone, whether white, Hispanic or Asian can use drugs, steal, kill or end up in jail. Our American jails do not contain black convicts…show more content…
The travel experiences abroad and interaction with other cultures, races, and ethnicities have affected my thoughts about my identity. I traveled to Korea where I resided for a year. The experience was had no great difference since my ethnicity and race remained the same regardless of the location. Being in a different environment, I learned to interact with the Asians, understand their culture and engage in other activities where I could fit in. The experience offered a learning opportunity that expanded my understanding of race and ethnicity.
Additionally, I understood the relationship between race, ethnicity, social relations to political systems and governance. I got to learn about what other people perceive of the African American race, the myths surrounding our existence as well as the role we have played in shaping world systems. However, the black population did not occupy a large ratio as it did in the US, something that justifies the number of employed Africans in
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