Race And Ethnicity Are Terms That Are Commonly Mistaken

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Race and ethnicity are terms that are commonly mistaken for one another every day. According to sociologists and authors, Markus and Moya, race is a “dynamic set of historically derived and institutionalized ideas and practices that group certain people according to physical and behavioral human characteristics that are negative and shared.” Race was developed on a social context due to the fact that the dominant cultures labeled people with darker skin tones as different and inferior. Ethnicity is a “group of ideas and practices that allows people to identify with groups of people on the basis of presumed, and usually claimed commonalities” (Markus and Moya 2010: p.22) Country of origin, language, and physical characteristics are some…show more content…
Children learn all of their core values and beliefs through their parents, so if their parents frequently have discussions about how all black people are criminals and do drugs, then the child will form their own opinions of black people based on what their parents think and that is how stereotypes are reproduced. The stereotype was reproduced and transferred from the parent to the child, but children also learn stereotypes through their peers. Stereotypes affect how we see and interact with others; for example, if a white person was seated by a Muslim man on an airplane they might feel slightly uncomfortable because society has stereotyped all Muslim people as potential terrorists that hate Americans because of incidents like 9/11 and fear of ISIS. Our brain develops these “mental short-cuts” (Jacobs: 2014) almost subconsciously to detect possible threats, assuming that people are associated with their negative stereotype. Stereotypes are so common in society that everyone knows at least one. Some common ones include: ‘All Native Americans own casinos,’ ‘Black kids don’t have dads,’ and ‘All Mexican immigrants are illegal.’ The stereotype that black kids don’t have dads has been loosely tossed around for many years due to the assumption that men of color, especially ones that live in poverty based communities, cannot afford to have children or that they sleep around and don’t want anything to do with the
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