Race And Ethnicity : The United States

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Race and Ethnicity The demographic census of 2014 estimates show that Washington’s population comprises 49.0% African American or Black, 43.6% of White alone, 0.6% of American Indian and Alaska Native alone, 4.0% Asian alone, 0.2 Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone, 2.6% of two or more races (did not include the actual racial composition) Hispanic or Latino 10.4%, White alone, not Hispanic or Latino 35.8% (Stats, Oct-2015). Washington, D.C. remains one of the places where people look through the racial lens (Hurt, 2011). Income Washington D.C. is virtually an affluent district comprised of businesses, industry and the federal government. However, there remains a serious income gap among D.C residents. According to Washington, District of Columbia (DC) income map, earnings map, and wages data provided by City-Data.com, the median household incomes in 2013 show a great disparity among races. The average household income for Whites at $111,886, Black or African American at $38,124, Asians $63,218, Hispanic or Latino $50,861, Multiracial at $89,428, American Indian at $63,373, and other at $34,991. The income levels of African American households are below the poverty level. There is growing research on the “links between poverty and health” (Braveman, Etgerter, and Williams, 2010). Poverty Income inequality is a serious problem in Washington, D.C. the amount of poor minorities in the District of Columbia is alarming. The website City-Data.com reports that
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