Race And Health Inequality In America. . Racial Discrimination

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Race and Health Inequality in America

Racial discrimination by doctors

According to Golash-Boza (2016), the systemic racism or the accumulated disadvantages for non-whites are also reflected in in the areas of health and environment. Golash-Boza (2016) argues that racial inequalities diminish not only he opportunities for non-whites but also “our time on earth”. This can have an effect on the health and life expectancy. It is interesting to look at why blacks have a lower life expectancy than whites. How black have unequal health outcomes and how racial ideologies have changed over time. Looking back at the slavery era in United States, medical care was brutal and ineffective (Golash-Boza, 2016, p.251). Blacks had no right to refuse …show more content…

He also addressed the justice gap and the racial stereotyping by law enforcement agencies saying that black men are over six times likelier to be imprisoned than white men. As a liaison between all racial groups in America, former president Obama further encouraged the African American graduates to embrace their roots and to be confident in their heritage. (DeMarco, 2016).
When there was a medical emergency on a Delta flight from Detroit to Huston, a young African American doctor, Tamika Cross, offered her help. While trying to get the flight attendant’s attention she was met with skepticism and resistance. How the flight attendant responded was shocking and unbelievable at the same time. She told the young doctor “oh no sweetie put your hand down, we are looking for actual doctors, nurses or some type of medical personnel”. Despite the fact that Dr. Cross identified herself repeatedly as a physician, the plane crew refused to believe that a black woman could be a doctor. When she again responded to the overhead page, the flight attendant’s reaction was “oh wow you are an actual physician? Can I see your credentials? What type of doctor are you? Where do you work?”. Apparently all of this happened while the person was still unresponsive and needing help. Later the flight attendant apologized profoundly and offered the young doctor “sky-miles”. This experience raises the question how in a

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