Race And Race : Race

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A popular notion says a child is born “color-blind” and remains color-blind until they reach adolescence. The problem with this concept is that people believe it to be a positive idea. However, it actually presents a damaging ideology – it suggests that race should not be a factor when trying to determine the type of person an individual is. I see it as an unsophisticated approach to view people because race is a vital part of our existence. Race is an attribute that makes individuals differ from one another, and the problem is not the differences in the colors of our skin. The problem is that we attempt to detach ourselves from the reality of being racially different. Racism will seem to inevitably exist, and in order to even try to end the malice, parents should begin teaching children about racism the right way.
At an early age, children are actively thinking about race. Although their thoughts about race are not as advance compared to those of adults, their juvenile observations and opinions establish a foundation of future stereotypes and biases. When children become attentive to racial differences, the results can either be rewarding or damaging. The origin of racial attitudes among the younger demographic remains unspecified. A correlation between parenting styles and children’s racial attitudes has been considered the primary source, however, multiple research disproves the common belief. While parenting style has a strong impact on children’s racial

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