Race And Racial Discrimination In The United States

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Race refers to the physical form of some common genetic characteristics of the crowd. This is born, cannot be chosen. While ethnicity refers to the people with the same experience, cultural background or language. The United States as a migrant country, immigration culture, complex skin color, ethnic racial relations are complex. The race of society has been going on for more than half a century. Racism is a self centered attitude, and racial differences determine the history of human society and cultural development. Racial discrimination has always been a serious social problem. Racial discrimination is further convinced that the disaggregated differences are linked to hierarchical evaluations, and that various human races determine their culture or personal achievement, implying that certain races are better than others. Racism to the German Nazi regime and the United States as the representation of the past, the German Nazi regime…show more content…
As what video “The Difference Between Us” said that African has an advantage over other races in sprinting. African have genes in the talent. Different races have their own characteristics, have different height. The height of the races was formed due to the differences in geographical climate, and since the Neolithic period, the geographical features of the rope began to blur due to the constant migration and the mixed race. The migration led to the same morphological characteristics of the race. The research stated that Black sweat glands are more than whites, and the sweating mechanism is better than the white ones. Blacks could restore body temperature quicker than normal white people. The body temperature will definitely increase during the exercise. If a person do not a good regulation of body temperature, the body can not be normal environment, electrolyte damage will affect the normal function of the nervous system. It is important for athletes to adjust the body
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