Race And Racism : Racism Essay

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The concept of race and racism has transformed over time and is seen through the eyes of everyone in our world. It unfortunately seems to be the norm for the public to not only assume an individual 's race and to separate them to be distant from one another, but to also pigeon hole every race in a restricted category. This has been going on for so long that we would expect everyone to view society this way, however that might not be the case for all citizens within the United States. Now the question is, where do we learn these ideas from? How do people have this thoughts ingrained in their brain? There are many definitions of race, but how they come about? Whether it is from relatives, media, or even from blatantly witnessing it around us, everyone has a different way of learning what race is.
When speaking with my mother, Clara Salas, a short, humble woman with red/brown hair and a smile that could light up a room, she had quite a bit to say on the matter. Throughout our interview I flooded her with questions on racial construction and how she has came to know what race meant and what it was. First on how see saw race and if these so called divisions within the community wherever in place. Speaking with a soft yet firm tone, she began, "From a young age I never saw a behavioral difference or divide within racial groups because from where I was, everyone from all different racial crowds were integrated." She said. I looked at my mother in awe as though this was not…

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