Race And Racism : Racism

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This paper will examine how race and racism plays in a role in today’s society, like which races are giving more opportunities because of their skin color, and is racism still a big part of today’s world like it was back in the early 1900s or are we turning a blind eye to racism? We will also take a look into racial oppression in today’s society and how it is playing out in our lives. We will not only look into how African Americans deal with racism in everyday life but also other races that face racism because of their skin color and systemic racism. Also take a look at some basic concepts and theories of Race/Ethnic relations.

Renobato 2 Race and Ethnicity are not the same thing like a lot of people believe. Race refers to a physically distinct population of humans and ethnicity means relating to a population subgroup with a common national or cultural tradition. Prejudice and discrimination are not the same thing even though most people think they are because if you were to quickly read the definitions for those two terms a person might see the same words but miss the ending which gives how they are different from each other. Race and ethnicity is also a big issue when it comes to filling out paperwork when it comes to the question asking your race and ethnicity. Like for Hispanics in the 2010 census it didn’t have a box for Hispanics so they had to either write it in or put their ethnicity as white. Which if you ask those Hispanic they will say they

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