Race And The Color ' S Lives

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RACE AND THE COLOR’S LIVES Race is the product of illusion, yet it also is the cause of social status disparity, segregation, discrimination, oppression and hatred. It has been, as an un-detachable part of our society, constructed, developed, and reformed, together with the history of America. Regarding the matter of race, in this article, I would like to find out the differences between academic and practical discourse of race, and how racial categorization affects people’s lives. To support the article, I will incorporate studies from anthropologists with information gathered from the interviews with three white males of the same generation. They are all students at the University of Minnesota age from 19 to 21, two of which are also in the Marines. While three white male can’t speak for all white people, I wish to somewhat understand how consistent or inconsistent they, the white people, are on a certain matter of race. So, I started my interview with the question: what is your perceptions of race? The answers I got from the informants were basically the same as each other. Here is the answer from J that I found representative for all three answers. To J., race is a way to identify someone from others physically and culturally: “ You look like you are from a different place but you identify as American because you were born here or you got American Citizenship here, but you look like you are different because of your traditional views do not fit American traditional

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