Race And The Human Genome Project

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Race, such a subjective matter that most classify solely on observable traits based on traditional race concepts. However race exists in humans through cultural and biological concepts. In other words, race is based on its scientific meaning, which is taken from its visual and genetic signs of human variety. “After all it is an idea with a measurable past, identifiable present, and uncertain future”. St. A SHORT HISTORY OF THE RACE CONCEPT Michael Yudell, PhD, MPH. Through observing the human genome project that explores human molecular selves, skin color variation, and lastly race/human variation as a whole, a clear picture of race can be scientifically explained.
The human genome project is a way of inspecting our molecular selves. There are three billions of letters that make up the DNA in the human genome that scientists have to study in order to understand our molecular cells. Furthermore, there are all distinct sets of genes that interact with environmental factors, which directly influence things like our physical appearance, personalities and risks for diseases. Geneticist, Jeffery C. Long “None of the observable traits that people associate with race are simple genetic traits. Complex traits are influenced by several genes as well as environment.” -Long, Jeffery C. "RACE - Exploring Our Molecular Selves." RACE - Exploring Our Molecular Selves. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2015.
Variation is the forefront for progression of a species. All species have wide varieties of
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