Race As A Social Problem

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Social Problem
Before people were calling their self-one race and did not have people going around saying or claiming different races but as of the 2000 national census marked an important change in how we measure race in the United States. Race classification is the social problem that is discussed in this passage. A lot of people in the article stated that they were black and white, white and Asian, as well as white and Indian. But overall the social problems have something to do with the United States categorizing people into races. Race is a socially constructed concept, social construction concerns the significance, perception, or meaning placed on an object or event by a society, and adopted by the inhabitants of that society with respect to how they view or deal with the object or event.
Racial classifications are assigned to people on the basis of frequently subjective differences like facial structure, the color of the skin, possibly even the type of hair they got. There is in fact more genetic variation within a particular racial group than between racial groups. Nonetheless, the perception of racial differences is a powerful social force. So many people are multiracial; it has led the category of multiracial to be
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In order for this to work we would have to have a society free of judgement and stereotypes. Each individual would have to be equal as far as race is concerned. This would be that no parent, friend, or member of society would be able place judgement on another because of their racial identification. This would also mean that people would have to have the mindset of asking individuals what race they are. This meaning, no assumptions can be made about ones racial makeup. Race would no longer be determined by first glance but rather by questioning of the
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