Race At Work : African Americans Versus Whites

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Discussion Paper 2: Race at Work African Americans versus whites does it matter in the workplace? We must all agree that there is some form of racism that still exists in the workplace, as for me I strongly agree with Pager and Western that race still exists in the United States and exists at places other than work. According to Society the basics, racism is the belief that one racial category is innately superior or inferior to another. From birth I believe that the dominant races, in particular Caucasians, are taught that they are better than the minorities. I feel that they are taught the Authoritarian personality theory. This means that they view society naturally competitive, which is fine, the part that makes it so bad is that they believe they are better and must dominate the minorities. They feel that it is there duty to obtain better careers and even live in better communities. On the other hand, minorities face challenges when looking for jobs that offer the same packages as the dominant race, such as good salaries, health care benefits, and job security. The authoritarian majority feel that no one can interfere with their businesses that have been created by their people so the less fortunate should take whatever they can. What they don’t understand is that this causes more taxes to set up reforms to offer a helping hand for the minorities. A study was shown from a three person’s team that consisted of three men from a different nationality. Although they had…
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