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I was born as a normal kid. I was born in March 10 1995. When grew I was fast. When I was in middle school I was running track and field. I was the fastest runner in middle school. I came first in middle school track and field. When I went high school there was a little bit more competition. I came in first in all of the the races. The USA Track and Field team saw how good I ran . They told me to join the team. I asked if I will be able to run in the olympics. They said if I train good I will be able to run in the olympics. So I trained for the olympics. I practiced with Tyson Gay, Justin Gatlin and Mike Rodgers. After three years of practicing , I was in the qualifying round in the olympics and I came in first. I made it all the way to the…show more content…
So the olympics officials decided to make a special race called legend vs. rookie. Usain and I got to practice and train for 2 and half weeks. Usain asked the official if it can be best out of 5. They said that's fine but you guys have to run two races a day. On the first race I lost by 2 seconds because of my bad start. The next race I won. I finished in 9.57 seconds and Usain finished in 9.59 seconds. On the third race I won and I finished in 9.53 seconds making a new world record and Usain finished in 9.54 making a new career record for him. On the fourth race I came short by 4 seconds and because of that Usain took advantage and beat my world record by finishing 9.52 seconds. On the day of the final race I talked to Justin Gatlin. He taught me a trick to have a better start. I went on to the track a huge crowd in the stands to watch this epic race. I got set, they shot the start gun and I ran. I got a good start and tiny bit behind of Usain. Once I got to straight away I turned on the jets. Usain finished the in 9.51 and I finished in 9.50. The spectators had to photo finish the race. I beat the world record and everyone was shocked. At the end everyone congratulated me and I won gold medal for USA Track and Field
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