Race, By John Davidson

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constantly in many sources and evidence of the past. This has led many historians to merely regard race as another mode of explanation, which is the case for studying race in Latin America.
One historian, John Davidson (like a few others) are somewhat doubtful about the concept of race. He like many others fears that it is way too clumsy to describe as well as too complex. Many historians do not like using concepts that are fabricated. As Davidson says “race exists as a socially constructed reality.” Race however is no longer an easy way to categorize especially with newer concepts such as “identities” and “ethnicities”. This makes it increasingly difficult to use race as an organizing concept. This can be said of Latin America; due to conflicts with racial ideologies and identities many Latin American countries try to distance themselves from the black/white dichotomy. One example can come from Dominican Republic, Black Dominicans due not use the term black. Instead many choose terms mullatto or trigeño (tan) to distance themselves from the term Negro (black). Each of these distinctions has claimed to come from sources however each identity emphasizes different elements that can appeal to different historians. Many Latin American historians will use the many identities and interpretations of race; nevertheless they will all come from the same source. This includes many Latin American historians such as Alan Knight. Franklin Knight, Harry Hoetink, etc. Although they
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