`` Race `` By Mentioning Dr. Henry Gates Jr. Program

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I continued my lesson in “race” per se by mentioning Dr. Henry Gates Jr. program on PBS called Finding Your Roots. In one episode he had a DNA test done for himself in order to find out what parts of Africa he was from, but discovered his ancestors were all European. He proposed some interesting ideas such as how this fact would affect Affirmative Action, or grants that he may have applied for and how he would respond to census and other forms. This lesson always seemed eye-opening to students. I then point out that Tiger Woods defines his ethnicity as not just Black but also Caucasian, American Indian, and Asian. In the last 10 years, the high school became more diverse and I would have students from India and Africa. They too would share their experiences on the forms stating that they would fill in whatever they felt like on any particular day because the form did not have something that related to them as far as they were concerned. It was interesting to see how US-born students were surprised that these “foreign born students” rejected the labels that they, themselves, were sure belonged to them. It also made them aware that they did not have to simply accept the label assigned to them either. So hopefully you see that “race” is often a matter of money. I know that the school had “Voluntary Transfer Students” (VTS) who all happen to be black. I must say that I did meet one student who voluntarily transferred to a school in the city who was white. She lived in…
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