Race Car Drivers Athletes

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Are Race Car Drivers Athletes? When people hear the word athlete, the first people they probably think of are athletes like Reggie Bush, Kevin Garnett, or Sidney Crosby. The last kind of person that is probably thought of is a race car driver. Which raises the question, is a race car driver a true athlete? Much of this depends on how you would define the word athlete. According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, athlete is defined as “a person who is trained to compete in athletics” (Merriam-Webster). This leads to the question, what should be considered athletics and what should not be considered athletics? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines athletics as “exercises and games requiring physical skill, strength, and endurance”…show more content…
Drivers must have a very strong neck to hold their helmet up while pulling multiple G forces on their bodies for hours (Metcalf, Robert). Brute strength is probably not as important as cardio workouts when it comes to race car drivers. Drivers are not trained as intensely as some other professional athletes, but they should be in shape if they want to be successful. Endurance is essential to any race car driver. Almost all athletes have to be able to make their bodies perform at high levels for long periods of time, and a race car driver is no different. Many argue that all race car drivers do is sit in a car and drive, and that anyone could do it. Many times in stock cars the temperature can reach 120 degrees, and drivers will lose a sufficient amount of water from their bodies due to sweat. On average a driver will lose about five to seven pounds over the course of a race (Metcalf). At the same time it can be difficult to breathe in a stock car because there is not much air coming inside of the car because of the aerodynamics. As a result, drivers have a tube running into their helmet that blows air on them to keep them cool; otherwise, it is very possible the driver could risk heat stroke during a race. Mark Martin, a fifty-year-old veteran NASCAR Sprint Cup driver still strength trains on a regular basis and says “ You can have the fastest car on the NASCAR or Indy circuit, but if you are not capable
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