Race, Class And Gender

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For this week the topics of our readings was Who Gets Ahead? Race, Class and Gender in Education. The readings focused on the inequalities that different groups face in our education system today. Some of the topics was how school classes create inequality, how activity participation plays a role in equality along with many other factors.
A. Summary of Readings
The Geography of Inequality For years people worked to desegregate schools so that every child no matter what color their skin was would get the same education. However, it seems like today that schools have “resegregated” and schools are as just unequal as they were back in 1954. According to our reading 54% of black students compared to 87% of white students performed at or above the basic level on the 2003 eighth-grade reading exam. People need to take into account racial composition, as well as poverty, location in a central city, suburban, or non-metropolitan setting, and the demographic composition of local residents. The reading also discusses what types of schools that the different racial groups are attending. It is reported that minority students attend worse schools, then non-Hispanic whites do. More then 60 % of black and Hispanic students attend high-poverty schools while only 18% of white students and 30% of Asian students attend high-poverty schools. After all the fighting and work and the amount of things we have overcome you would think that we would fix a problem such school segregation.

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