Race, Class, And Gender

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Many of the results from the interview varied not only based on race, class and gender, but also from individual to individual. No matter what race or gender you are, a friend or family member different from you can have the same opinions, or in this case, some of the same answers to general life questions. I believe that these interview questions should not just be based on the race, class, and gender, but also the individuals themselves. From these questions and answers, one can get a true sense of a human being’s personality. Through the questions that I asked, I believe that I was able to gain an understanding of who the person was based on their answers and not just their race and gender. When asked the question “What in life do you…show more content…
Many other people that answered this question said that it was happiness that they valued the most. One white female, one Hispanic female, and one Asian male, responded with happiness for this question. Happiness can mean many different things to all people. One person may think happiness is found in finding someone to love. While others might think that happiness is found when they finish their education and find a job. Based on people’s responses to, “At this moment what would your life objective be?” someone may say that you can interpret the answer given of happiness by reading the following answer and making the conclusion that their idea of happiness is the answer to the question. For example, An Asian male that I interviewed answered, the first question, with “happiness” and then the second question he answered, “graduating college and getting a good job.” The way in which I interpreted this response is that this male will find or continue to be happy when he graduates from college and finds a suitable job.
One answer to the life objective question that made me think and appreciate the answer was given by an African American male. His answer to this question was
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