Race, Class, And Gender

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Many of the results from the interview varied not only based on race, class and gender, but also from individual to individual. No matter what race or gender you are, a friend or family member different from you can have the same opinions, or in this case, some of the same answers to general life questions. I believe that these interview questions should not just be based on the race, class, and gender, but also the individuals themselves. From these questions and answers, one can get a true sense of a human being’s personality. Through the questions that I asked, I believe that I was able to gain an understanding of who the person was based on their answers and not just their race and gender. When asked the question “What in life do you value the most?” there were many different answers given by the individuals interviewed, some the same and others drastically different. Based on the individuals that I interviewed many of them responded to this question by saying that they valued their family and friends the most in life. I found that when asking people this question they could not just give me one answer. Many of the people interviewed had two or three parts to their answers. For example, when I interviewed a white female, her answer to this question was family, friends, and her dog. What I gathered from people not being able to decide on just one thing is that they truly do value many more things in life than they may have thought. People could interpret this question

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