Race, Class And Social Inequality In American Society

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So, what is the relationship between race, class, and gender on the life balances of people to progress their relative position in this socially stratified world? Well, to begin with, social stratification is a system by which a society positions categories of people in a hierarchy. In American society, it is clearly obvious that some groups have greater status, power, and wealth than other groups do. It has been this way for centuries. How does race, class and gender impact inequality in the US today and how are these situations obstructed by the procedures and pretention of the Trump and his administration. For one, most of his Cabinet is white and male, which pushes racial diversity out of the window. There has been historically significant problem with racism for centuries. For example, in the section “The Problem of the Twentieth Century is the Problem of the Color Line” from the Inequality and Society book, the issue centers on racism remaining prevalent in society following the singing of the Emancipation Proclamation decades earlier (Dubois 120). Some factors included not having full rights to a proper education, not having opportunities to earn decent wages, and not being given a fair trial, resulting in immediate lynching. This period was known as the Jim Crow period. So, what was the reality about Jim Crow? In the peer-reviewed article “The Truth about Jim Crow?”, it was clearly established of white people’s intent to dehumanize blacks and keep them as second

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