Race, Class, Gender And Class Relations At A Real Estate Agency

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Race, class and gender affect the work experience of almost all workers in the American market. The three main areas race, class, and gender interlock to form the matrix of domination because they interlock and overlap one another. The areas that the overlapping and interlocking effect are the areas of America 's work experience and its effect on earnings and labor conditions. These three forces help to shape the experience of workers, and depending on various dynamics, for example if there is an economic slump or not, one of the three will feel more noticeable or meaningful for different people. The examination of the societal formation of race, gender and class relations at a real estate agency where the people are diverse will help expose the dynamics of power relations. The areas affected by these societal formation include the outlook of individual workers access to privileges, power within the institution, and group interactions that occur. Again the place of observation was a real estate agency in Dublin, Ohio. The name of the agency is concealed for confidentiality and privacy purposes (due to the nature of the paper). The office is located near XPO Logistics in a residential area that lies just to the west. The area has been rapidly developing and construction has been booming in the area. The area is also primarily inhabited by the middle and high class families. This is due to the fact that people in the area have a lot of money because there are a lot of…

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