Race Conflict and Issues: Whites and Non-Whites Post- Revolution

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European settlers have a long history of mistreating Native Americans. The most famous example is the Trail of Tears in which President Van Buren and the federal government forcibly and violently removed Cherokee Indians in 1838 from their native land. Over 18 thousand Cherokee women, men and children were forced to walk 1,000 miles from Georgia to Oklahoma. Of these people, 4,000 died from harsh weather, starvation and exposure to illnesses. European settlers during this time viewed Native Americans as uncivilized savage and used this perception to justify violently removing the Native Americans from their land. Native Americans initially accepted the European settlements but pleaded against being removed. The status of African-Americans…show more content…
"God, Our Lord, will be well pleased, if through the command of Your Royal Highnesses, these people should be initiated and instructed into our Very Holy Catholic Faith, and the devotion, faith and hope which they have in their idols, be transferred to the Divine Omnipotence of God, because it is certain that if they served God with the same faith, fervor, diligence, they would surely work miracles." Evidence of these perceptions was found in writings and artistic representations sent to European leaders by European artists of Native Americans. In their art they showcased Indians sacrificing humans in large bowls of fire and walking with human heads. Their pictures were gruesome and depicted Indians as wild animals versus human beings. Native Americans perceived Europeans just as cruelly as they did them. Indian leaders such as Motechzoma recorded their fear of Europeans. He states “he was filled with terror. It was as if his heart had fainted, as if it has shriveled. It was as if he were conquered by despair.” The Europeans came into these Indian leaders communities and drastically destroyed their villages. At a festival meant to honor Huitzilopochtli, founder of Aztec. The Europeans murdered the celebrants brutally. "Stabbing them, spearing them, and striking them with their swords" "attacking some from behind" "they ran everywhere and searched everywhere; they invaded every room, hunting and killing". European
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