Race Discrimination In The 1960s

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In the 1960s the policeman were assigned to duty inorder to uphold law and not to get personally involved with individuals or neighbors (Hoover, L 2014). They were also assigned to uphold justice and not to show partiality. But as history proves a different approached was taken by the police. Instead of showing impartiality they did just the opposite. Based on our study the police were attacking peaceful protestors, because of the police actions riots broke out in almost every city in the Unites States which caused a lack of distrust in the law enforcement (Hoover, L 2014).
During this time, the civil rights movement and Protestors gathered almost in every city to demonstrate against race discrimination within the criminal justice system (Muscato, C 2015). Police officers became the symbol of all the political and social problems of American society. Police
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2014& Kappeler, V 2014).
The events in the 1960s changed policing in different ways because of the 1960s there were great up-heavals and civil unrest because this was the era of assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the era Martin Luther King (Kappeler). Instead of pursuing justice, civil disorder erupted such as, racial riots in cities such as watts, Detroit and Chicago (Kappeler, V 2014). A few years later there were several other cities that experienced the same outbreak of riots and racial disorder Kappeler, V 2014).
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