Race, Ethnicity, And Culture

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Lin Qian Shao AAS33A-04 Second Essay Assignment November 26, 2014 Franks/Yamato MW 1:30-2:45 Topic number 2 As society progresses and history is created, many factors such as race, ethnicity, and culture tend to shape the ideas among different people. One major group of people that were severely impacted was the African Americans in the United States during the periods from 1804-1813, 1819-1831, and 1832-1848. Based on the definitions from the Asian Pacific Americans: “Keywords,” Concepts and History, it is said that race is impossible to be defined race from the biological view, because people have been evolved so much over the years, the gene pool is so mixed that distinguishing people from the biological view is not so accurate. For example, African Americans and native Africans both originated from Africa with similar biological and physical aspects, but they may have different lifestyles and preferences. As the African Americans continue to adapt to the life in the United States, and to have their kids be the first generation American citizens, the society has already shaped this new group of people to live a complete different life than their native relatives. As the new population of African Americans in a certain region began to share similar lifestyles such as language, culture, and religion, and etc., they began to form similarities among themselves that isolates them away from others with different lifestyles. As people move to a new
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