Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations in the United States

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How do you see race, ethnicity, and gender issues, trends, and demographics 10 or 20 years from now in USA society? Race, gender, and ethnic relations in the United States have dramatically changed in the last fifty years. Much progress has been made in terms of respecting equal rights on the basis of race, ethnicity, and gender. Since the changes in these relations are ongoing, being challenged and reformulated, the pertinent question now is how does the future look like? How will race, ethnicity, and gender issues, trends, and demographics will look like 10 or 20 years from now? While it is hard to give a clear answer to this question, the relevant history and current events may give clues on the future changes and trends. Since the era of Civil Rights Movements in the 1960s, the society's attitude toward women has changed. According to Rosalind Chait Barnett, director of the Community, Families & Work Program at Brandeis University, "Women's lives today are dramatically different [from] those of their mothers and grandmothers. Women are making choices that will prepare them for longer lives, significant labor force participation with marriage and children, knowing that they are contributing to their own economic well-being, getting more education, and proving themselves in well-paying employment" (Evolving gender roles explored at Anne Roe lecture, 2008). Women today make up fifty percent of the workforce and their educational level is on par with men's.
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