Race, Hegemony, and Cultural Participation

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Race, Hegemony, & Cultural Participation Abstract There are many experiences and perspectives within a society and a culture. This paper will outline some of the experiences of African American women through American history. The paper connects sociological theories as a way to explain and contemplate hegemony, equality, and social relations. The paper analyzes two quotations from real and fictional characters that aptly circumscribe their experience in relation to White American hegemony. The paper concludes that theories such and Hegemony Theory, Functionalist Theory, and Feminist Nationalist Theory offer precise and practical insight to the experience and oppression of African American women. Keywords: sociology, feminism, African American, hegemony, race, culture, power, control, functionalism Race, Hegemony, & Cultural Participation Part I Functionalist theory can be characterized in a number of ways. Functionalist theory is concerned with social inequality. Functionalist theory is further interested in social cohesion, interdependence, and the equilibrium of a society. Functionalist theory also contends that members of a society have social capital. Functionalist Theory is a sociological theory that inquires as to how and why society functions in the manner it does with specific attention to relationships among/within social institutions. Through interpretation and synthesis, this paper will pay particular focus to the objectives and expressions of
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