Race In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The Assumed Superior Race, the Whites Racism is the discrimination towards a group of people that are not like you. It has been living on the world for years and years and sadly still lives on within a minority of people. However, racism is not forced upon the people, it is teached and it is also their decision. Many hate groups like the Nazi or the KKK did influence many people to believe race was the problem. However, the people have a decision to believe that or think otherwise. In addition, many people choose to fit in with the majority of the people’s opinions if it’s about racism or not. They did this in order to not be the outcast so they wouldn’t be looked down upon. Furthermore, racism has been alive for a long time which allowed…show more content…
Over this span of time more people began to believe in it. This is what happened in Maycomb County. Many people believed it was right to discriminate the blacks since racism was very powerful in that county. The only people that didn’t believe in that kind of discrimination was Atticus, Jem, Scout and Dill. “Judge Taylor was polling the jury: guilty..., guilty..., guilty…, guilty…,” (Lee 282). This quote showed how the jury of white men pleaded Tom guilty even though he was innocent. In the article, the author stated that racism towards black people has been going on for a long time. “White racism has a long and deep cultural history, being traceable back centuries to the impetus in the New World for enslaving large numbers of Africans rather than White Europeans,” (Levin and Nolan). Discrimination towards the blacks has lasted for a long time which is why the jury pleaded Tom guilty for something he couldn’t possibly have…show more content…
It is also acquired by the teachings of it from generation to generation. Racism has been alive for a long time however the amount of racist people has decreased. Racism will always continue to live on the world because of that minority but we have gotten better at making everybody equal. “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Racism and Anti-Semitism Are Often Culturally Validated” both explain the three concepts: racism is taught over the years, people are racist to “fit in with society, and racism has developed and grew stronger over the years, directly and
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