Race Is An Artificial Category Created By Mankind

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Racism is something that everyone has witnessed. People all over the world have been affected by discrimination. Many individuals believe that race is strictly biological however, it can be so much more. Racism deals with not only biology and ancestry, but also social and ethical practices. This discrimination is an artificial category created by mankind. The majority group creates and enforces the beliefs of that group onto others of society. These beliefs allow for a majority group to feel superior to the minority groups of individuals. The framework for the definition of race is unclear, however. Race can mean different things in different parts of the world. In the United States of American race is most common related to a person’s…show more content…
Pozner unveils how Asians are perceived as the cold and calculating ones of the show. While Latinas are the promiscuous or lazy ones, and African American women are stereotyped as the angry black women (Pozner, 398-400). These stereotypes make it hard for women to stand up for themselves without them being labeled as one of these things. Which affects society in a negative manner. These women of colored race have been forced by society to live these false stereotypes. Instead of allowing for diversity and uniqueness, it forces people to feel inferior to the majority group. The social interactions individuals have with each other are affected by the stereotypes inflicted on the groups of people. American society believes that a human’s race and ethnicity tried to that person’s identity when that is not always true. Society has created a culture that discriminates against others for not only biological factors but also ethnicity. People who have the same genetic make-up as others can be equally equal to each other as people of genetic make-up.
In today’s society race is more than an individual’s genetic make-up. To people around the world, race can mean more than where their ancestors are from and more to do with cultural changes. Human beings always want to create a division between one another. Olson discusses how “the most perverse dimensions of ethnic thinking is the realization of culture the tendency to think of other people as not
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