Race Is The Best Definition Of Race

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Omi and Winant
Race is something impacts us all. The origin of the idea of race is hard to trace. What we do know is that without racism the idea of race would not exist. Race in today 's world is a built categorization structure that was created to classify people separately. Race has played a tremendous role in our history. Race is hard to define. Michael Omi and Howard Winant had created what is considered the best definition of race. This definition of race includes three epiphenomena. The three epiphenomena of race are : ethnicity, nation and class.
Ethnicity is one of the three epiphenomena of race Omi and Winant use to describe their definition of race. Ethnicity defined by Oxford English dictionary as “Status in respect of membership of a group regarded as ultimately of common descent, or having a common national or cultural tradition; ethnic character.” Ethnicity could not be the same as race. Ethnicity groups you together with people you have nothing in common with. Saying that one is black does not mean anything. In Africa there are 1,500 to 2,000 languages along with 54 countries (). Africa has 11.7 million square miles and with european colonization, there are different cultures made. Since African diaspora which is “ the movement of a particular people to several places at once or over time” (Colins,2015) “black” men would not be the same all over the world. It is believed that over 200,000 Africans were delivered to European societies and an estimated 11
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