Race, Marriage, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

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“Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are” (Peace & Inspirational Quotes). This quote is perfect for this research paper about social inequalities. This quote by Hafsat Abiola can best be interpreted by stating that everyone is created equal regardless of their race, marriage preferences, and gender of an individual. Hafsat Abiola’s is from Nigeria. Hafsat’s main goal is to seek strength in civil society. She also advocates democracy. We need more individuals like this world wide and in the United States of America. The constitution states that…show more content…
This woman is still famous for her movement today, her name is Rosa Parks. Rosa refused to give up her front seat on the bus to move to the back because white people thought that they were superior and deserved to sit in the front not the back. Although Rosa Parks did get punished for her actions, her actions started a movement for African American individuals. Another important African American individual was Martin Luther King Junior. Martin Luther King Junior gave a speech in August of 1963. Although Park’s movement was historical, there were still issues upon racism. Martin Luther King Junior’s speech was called the “I Have a Dream” speech. His dream was that individuals of different skin colors would be equivalent to all other races. This dream was not only his, but millions of other individuals across the world that obtained different colors of skin. During this time, King’s movement was considered rebellious. Martin Luther King Junior allowed others to speak up and voice their opinion. In fact, many individuals started to voice their opinion in various ways. Their opinions were expressed in songs, speeches, and even protests. Martin Luther King Junior had an influence on individuals not just in the United States of America, but across the globe. King believed the all individuals were created equal. Some individuals may have different colored skin, living in different styles of houses, have different clothing style, or even listen to different
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