Race, Place, And Opportunity By John Powell

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After the Civil Rights Movement the issues of segregation should have slowly diminished, but still over decades after that significant event people are being placed and given discriminating opportunities throughout the country based on their race. Trying to gain perspective of the situation, blacks and minorities are given opportunities based solely on where they live. Blacks are being placed by the government in environments that are grimy and cheap to manage, while whites are geographically placed in neighborhoods with beneficial factors. In John Powell’s “Race, Place, and Opportunity” he uses logos and ethos to demonstrate racial geographic living conditions and the effects it has on the minorities’ circumstances.

Initially, location of people’s homes are important in deciding safety, what school their children will attend, financial benefits, and employment availability. Those and other factors are significant in deciding where people want to live but “there is a strong correlation among location, weak economic opportunity, and race.” Powell utilizes that the majority of people who are in poverty are white, but those who are black live in concentrated poverty. Where majority of minorities live “those places tend to be underfunded and with weak institutions,” given the fact that there are black. Schools are poor, crime rate is increased, and the job market is weak, making the living conditions difficult. He explains that the families’ living in such underfunded

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