Race, Race And Racism Essay

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Project Description:
This project is comprised of rhetorical commentary overview, that is used to examine and develop a better understanding of the terms, race and racism in society (critical race theory) (Stefancic and Delgado 1995, 177). By using the critical race theory and examining incidents of police misconduct, this will determine whether or not race plays a crucial factor. Additionally, this project encompasses a vast knowledge of the criminal justice system and the police departments of the United States of America. Furthermore, one must keep in mind that “police work is dangerous, difficult, and unappreciated, but there is no excuse for the type of behavior recorded on videotape” (Brooks 1991). The main focus of this research is to review cases that have been reported in the media, in order to come to a comprehension of why there is a higher proportion of minorities being killed by police officers. By incorporating the critical race theory and qualitative data, there will be a contribution on how to solve these societal issues.
This study aims to discover the reasons why police officers are using excessive force against minorities more often than they are against Caucasians. Moreover, this project challenges questions such as “whether police officers fear minorities and why?”, “does this affect the African American and Latino population?”, “what can be done to lower the rates of police brutality against minorities?”, and is “racism in the criminal justice system

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