Race, Racial, And Race Relations

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Every individual has a particular definition of race and a distinct view of race relations in America today, because every individual’s reality is different and therefore their perception is different as well. With that in mind, it becomes clear that the best way to understand race relations better is to understand what another person’s thoughts are on the matter. This interview paper sheds light onto another’s understanding and thoughts regarding race relations in America. I can not sate the true identity of the interviewee in this paper, so for all intents and purposes his name will be George. My interview with George was centered on how race has played a part in his life as a black man and where he thought race relations are in our nation. Topics covered in this interview range from George’s place of birth and upbringing, both culturally and socio-economically, to what his hopes are for the future, both personal and as nation. The interview with George naturally started with gaining some background information on his life. George,18, was born in New York City during the summer of 1997 to a middle class family. He does not have much recollection of New York City as he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina at a young age. He attended High School in Raleigh and currently attends college there too. From as early as he can remember race has been a part of his upbringing. The earliest memories of race he has come from preschool or kindergarten, he can not recall which, where he…
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