Race, Racial, And Racial Relations

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Races are a way to categories and understand the differences in a people and culture based on physical traits. In the words of Downing (2005:2) “Race has become a social fact: a self evident characteristics of human identity and character. Consequently, it is therefore essential to register explicitly the non scientific basis of race as a social category.” The way race has been represented in the media has had an influence on the interpretation people create on race and the stereotypes that are associated with them. These stereotypes create a sense of who belongs to what race; whether the stereotype is negative or positive. Media has the power to showcase these ideologies to mass audiences, constructing a way of thinking and interpretations on the other. These ideologies of race are important in understanding how racial relations and differences are shown to a mass audience, and how the media can create and emphasis attributes of a race. A critical analysis will be discussed on how racial differences and racial relations are represented and has it changed over time in the media, focusing on one specific medium.

Racial differences
Television as a medium has a profound influence on what people are exposed to, especially in regards to News report programs. It is used in every country, broadcasted in every language, bringing coverage of local and foreign messages to large audiences. Race is a socially constructed reality, and television has had a profound effect in…
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