Race, Racial, And Socioeconomic Status

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Race affects personal aspects of the human race through visual, emotional and daily rituals in a judgmental, socioeconomic status quo and discrimination. Race has been a big problem in the United States for numerous years. Even though things have improved throughout the years, racial issues still exist in today 's society. Many people in todays society still hold various stereotypes that were used back in time. They use these stereotypes to define people. Society is quick to categorize individuals, for example, if they see a “minority” they already have certain beliefs and are easy to judge, but if they see a “white” individual these negative beliefs do not always exist. Many of these beliefs have been embedded in our society that it has been carried on throughout the years. Societies tend to categorize people based on their skin color,eye color, hair texture ,education and socioeconomic status. Our society believes racism is gone and there is equal opportunity. However, in reality, people find ways to minimize being racist, changing it to a more sympathetic approach rather than being upfront and cruel.
The Eduardo Bonilla textbook, “Racism without Racist”, defines four frames of color blindness. The frame of my focus is Cultural racism. This frame focuses on cultural based arguments, it explains the standing of minorities in society based on their beliefs and stereotypes. Bonilla uses many examples one of them is Kim, a student at SU. Kim is given a question, “Many
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