Race, Racism, Or Ethnicity

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The notion of 'race ' is prevalent in every society. Rather it is consciously or unconsciously, the idea of race is shaping our everyday lives, from the day we were born, to the one we will die, in school, at work, or simply in the supermarket. Historically, as well as in Contemporary societies, the term 'race ' is a rather controversial one, and has raised many questions, due to its lack of proper definition and mostly because of its negative connotations. Associated with ethnicity or racism, it created a lifelong debate about whether or not races are socially constructed. The aim of this essay will be firstly to establish clear definitions of words such as race, racism, or ethnicity, and secondly to explain the evolution of racism, from scientific racism to 'colour blind ' racism through the work of ideologists such as Gobineau and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva. In order to provide a clear understanding of racism and its evolution throughout the centuries, definitions of few essential ideas are to be explained. Biologically speaking, races does not exist. According to Cornell and Hartmann (1998), they have been created through social interactions and does not exist outside of those. Although the notion of race does not have a definition agreed by all, Winant 's definition should be accepted by most of us. He described races as being the symbol of socio-political conflicts and interests in reference to different type of human bodies (2000). As Guillaumin said, "Races do…

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