Essay on Race, Racism and My Community

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Racial issues are an important part of any city in America today. America is a racially diverse country but still seems to have many problems as far as racial equality, race relations, and encouraging diversity. My community is in, what I think, is a fairly unique situation in terms of race. According to the census and other sources I found on the internet, the population of Cedar Hill, Texas is approximately 32,093. The city is growing and very much like the other upscale surburbs in Dallas. Cedar Hill offers satisying opportunities for both indoor and outdoor activities and a very family orientate city, the chity has an amusement park, a skating rink, a 14- screen Cinemark Movie Theather and a studio for arts…show more content…
There is an Asian family that live on the coner and I just love the way the grandmother walks every morning and plant flowers in her yard, keep it water and cared for. I have a white family that lives directly across the street from me, that’s mad a America and he has his flag hung upside down, I ask why did he do that and he says because the United States is upside down because of our president. I could not understand that because I feel that we should love our country no matter what. I still speak and he still gives my family a cake every Christmas. And I send fruit and a card. But the real problem with him is that he is very predioucs and don’t like any other race, other than white. “This is what his 34 year son says”. But despite his feelings about other races he still shows that he care at Christmas time. In my community, I feel that it is a rainbow of people. I have contact with everyone, if it’s just a wave as I pass by, but not much communication. I don’t consider myself a minority. I would say I interact with a white and Hispanic person maybe 6 days a week. There are of course differences in appearance even when people are of the same race. It’s really hard to say how different people in my community are from one another because they are all generally the same in terms of appearance. We have many people of White descent or Polish descent who are just as different as someone who is of Japanese descent. Because of the color of their
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