Race Relations : A Resolved Issue?

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Guyo Kotile
Race Relations: A Resolved Issue?
ENGL 1021-64
Prof. Larry Sklaney
3 Dec. 2013 Although the issue of race relations has died down since the civil rights movement, it is still present in politics and the work place today. Race relations works to better the rights of minority citizens and to lessen the gap between the races. With the facts stated above, race relations are an important issue in the United States of America. Race is a much discussed social and political topic. Race, especially in the United States is everybody’s business. Profiling is evident today, where going to an airport can be a hassle if you fit a certain stereotype. But race relations have come a long way. It has changed vastly from the time of the civil rights movement. We have to remember that the recognition of an injustice and public outcry will change nothing until we understand completely the issues that bring about these events. We have to be careful when dealing with this issue; we have to be contributing to part of the solution rather than the being the problem itself. Injustice could be the turning point in which we transform and open up to the media and investigate our racial assumptions. In todays’ day and age, fear is fostered in the danger of pretending to seek justice when action isn’t taken. Race relations can be resolved if we approach the problem correctly and effectively on appropriate terms. The classification of races is no simple task. Over the last couple of years, it…
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