Race Relations And Social Inequality

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This Paper was written to discuss social inequality related to race relations. By comparing two articles “Ethno-Racial Attitudes and Social Inequality” and “What happens before? A field experiment exploring how pay and representation differentially shape bias on the pathway into organizations” this paper will explore racial social injustices with the intent to showcase the thinking about race relations and social inequality. Points of Interest
Racial inequality is a volatile and complex topic; there is no easy solution or specific way to deal with it. Race is defined as the fundamental distinguishing characteristics of a person. What seems to characterize race relations is a vase
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A study was conducted a study where they posed as students requesting help and guidance from professors at universities (pg. 1678). The fake students would approach college professors and begin a conversation. The “students” would explain that they were planning to apply for a doctoral program and wanted advice before they applied. The names of these students were manipulated to relate to their gender and race. The study included males and females as well as those who were Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, and Indian. The social experiment was a controlled experiment. The researchers hypothesis was that the professors being asked for help would show racial discrimination as the students from different ethnicities tried to attain support of a mentor. The researchers also hypothesized that the results of the study would vary depending on the school and subject of the doctoral program they were applying to. This was thought to be caused by the difference in faculty representation and their pay. The study did show that their hypothesis was correct. The social experiment proved that the faculty who were approached by white males were more in favor of mentoring the student than students of other races. This was true at even higher rates at private colleges and in majors that would result in higher paying jobs. Many
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