Race Relations Between The Police And The African American Community

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The OJ Simpson murder case was an event that transfixed the nation over 20 years ago, with everyone who was around back then having some recollection of the whole ordeal. Today, that same case in entering back into the public consciousness, as a new television series dramatizing the events, entitled “The People vs. OJ Simpson”, just premiered. In an op-ed for the New York Times, John McWhorter pens an argument that the case was symbolic of race relations between the police and the African-American community. McWhorter, an African-American, goes into detail about how he did not understand why his community was cheering back in 1995 about Simpson being acquitted. McWhorter even believed that Simpson was guilty. However, he does now understand why the African-American community behaved the way they did, especially recent incidents between the police and the African-American community are put into perspective. In order to develop his argument, John McWhorter uses a great deal of ethos and some logos to support his argument, but does not employ many uses of pathos to connect with the audience. The audience for his argument would be readers of the New York Times, reading it in print and online. The Times has a daily circulation of about a million daily readers, according the Nieman Lab (2015), as well as an online readership of about 57 million a month (New York Times, 2015). According to the International Business Times (2015), 63 percent of the readers are ages 18 to 49, 82…
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