Race Relations in Modern American Society Essay

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Race Relations in Modern American Society

Race relations are an ever prominent issue in American society. Controversies focusing around race are a commonly seen smeared across the front page of the newspaper or headlining on the evening news. The opposition is usually between a minority group and "The Man," a colloquialism used by many Blacks to refer to the overwhelming power stemming from white racist tendencies. This racial tension can sometimes can cause the oppressed to band together against the oppressor. Many times, the most prevalent link is between the African American community and the Latino community. Here we find two groups of people with very similar lifestyles who find camaraderie between themselves when dealing
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Mexicans were kicked out of their native lands and killed in wars over territory. Mexican American today face many of the same acts of individual racism as Blacks but there is even more of a similarity between the institutional racism that both groups face. Acts of institutional racism are rules or laws set up in society to directly and systematically exclude certain people from obtain total assimilation and often directly impact one’s quality of life. Items such as zoning laws, housing and employment availability and quality of education seem to be set up so that these two groups will never be able to escape what is referred to as a "web of pathology." Even more so, Mexicans have to deal with institutional racism in immigration laws. Many theorists believe that this is the reason Blacks seem to be confined to the ghetto and Mexicans to the "barrio." Many of those who have been unable to escape their surroundings have chosen to separated rather than assimilate. To assimilate into one’s culture one must adhere to the customs and lifestyle of the host culture and take it on as their own. Some minorities choose to do this, those who do not separate, often totally from the eyes of the majority race. Both Blacks and Mexican Americans can be categorized as having members who have assimilated and separated. Theories about assimilation versus separation and the debate about institutional
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