Race Vs Science

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A study of race has changed over centuries. Creating race was originally for anthropological purpose but it became biological, scientific, and political which started segregating certain human groups from another from the mid-18th century until now. Scientists have gone through studies to show us how different each human groups are. Because science is objective and believed to be trustworthy resources, we accept what science tells us without being skeptical. When going against what science has already proven, it is a long process to approve of the theory that completely breaks the previous theory. Therefore, once scientifically proven ideas are established, whether or not these ideas might become wrong in the future, they will remain in public…show more content…
By studying genes, science has told us there are genetic difference among human races. For example, Brandt specifically mentioned that the rate of black men with syphilis was relatively high and thus people concluded black men were sexually more active, less educated and dangerous (Brandt, 25). Studies of genes were more of putting labels on specific races whether or not science intended to do. Because of the various labels on each specific groups of people, the public interpretation of science has become more powerful than the science itself. Now, when we think about “race”, how do we define race for those who do not have scientific knowledge? It is easy to say that race is for example, white, black, African, Latino, Asian, American, and so on. If we are asked to classify various kinds of people by race based on our aspects, I assume it is more likely that we categorize them based on their appearance. For example, whether or not I was born in America, the public would recognize me as an Asian rather than an American. Moreover, a suspected criminal is often time described as their race based on their appearance for…show more content…
In addition to this conclusion, I propose that our society can acknowledge variety of perspectives such as scientists’ biologists’ and cultural perspectives to change our misconception and oversimplification of race. It is common for us to follow the social norm. However, once we learn to be skeptical about what we think, what science tells and what our society comes up with, it will open up our minds to accept diversity and stop sticking with the social viewpoints of race which usually are negative or likely to separate groups. Although race will probably remain in our society, the important thing is that each individuals have their own aspects and thoughts on race. We should be careful to avoid misunderstanding what science tells us and abstain from misinterpretations of
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